Thursday, January 8, 2009

Thumbs Up: Juana Change: Bayani (Hero)


This is about an Overseas Filipino Worker or OFW [expatriates] as we call it in the Philippines. The OFWs are often called the "mga Bagong Bayani" or "New Heroes". Here, Juana is talking to a fellow Filipino, a man, who is sitting beside her. She talks about her story, frustrations and anger. She even talks about an incident not to long ago about a newspaper columnist who wrote about her experience with OFWs inside an airplane in her article in the Manila Standard, that angers a lot of people especially the Filipino expats abroad. Her name is Malu Fernandez.

At the end, she [Juana Change] said to the man that he looks so familiar to her. It turns out that the man she was talking to was Dr.Jose P. Rizal, the Philippine national hero who was executed by firing squad, by a native (Filipino) infantry backed by an Spanish troops in Manila more than a century ago.

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Malu Fernadez' Article part 1 (then click to enlarge)

Malu Fernadez' Article part 2 (then click to enlarge)

Reaction from Malu Fernandez' Article in Manila Standard


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