Saturday, December 26, 2009

Around The World: Street Photography In B&W

I love photography, especially street photography. I'm not an expert or something, but I can say that the following photographers are just amazing. Around the world: Street Photography in Black and White is a project in which 6 photographers from 6 different countries joined together to make a video of their black and white works.

They are Ellaine Vallet from France, Sureka Dharuman from England, Francesco Gallarotti from U.S.A., my favorite, Ilan Bresler from Israel, Wong Kin leong from Singapore, and Anissa El Gariani a.k.a. Nissou from Australia, (put on your earphone and click play on the video below).

Around the World, Street Photography in BNW from wahliaodotcom on Vimeo.

Link: Street Photography Channel on Vimeo

Check Out My Photography @ CAMERA NI CABRERA

*You can see more of the works of each photographer by clicking on their names above.


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isladenebz said...

Happy New Year, JVC! Thank you for your kind words throughout 2009. You don't how much they inspire me.

Suggestion: Bakit hindi ka rin gumawa ng sarili mong photo video. Your photographs impress me. I remember that photograph of a bike (na naging dahilan ng pagkakulong mo -- hehe!), I thought I like that photograph.

Sana magkaroon ng grand EB ang Saudi bloggers this 2010.