Thursday, March 3, 2016

My Comment to a video on You Tube about the Marcoses.

I like your channel, but this video is just adding confusion to the already chaotic minds of those youngsters who don't know or have already forgotten their history, who were not even born yet when Marcos was the president. Marcos was a dictator. Not that I'm supporting anyone, but because this is the truth. It's history, and no one can change history. I was born in 1972, the time Marcos declared Martial law. The Marcoses were the absolute king and queen of the Philippines. I remember it so well. Prior to People's Power, there were only one or two newspapers in the country and they were all controlled by the government. Have you ever heard of ‘Desaparecidos’? People will just disappear if they speak against the government, never to be found again. Fear gripped the nation. I was already 14 during the People's Power Revolution. We had a field trip in MalacaƱan palace a few years after the revolution, there were thrones inside in the now called heroes hall, and I can't forget the shoe collections in the basement which I remember being called then the "Mini Rustan's". One pair of shoes, in particular, called the ‘dancing shoes’ have lights in their heels which Imelda used when dancing in one of her Imeldific parties with Hollywood stars. They were living like royalties while the people lived in deep poverty. It's so sad how people have easily forgotten the atrocities of the Marcoses, and have forgotten our heroes who have given their lives for the freedom of Filipinos. This is so wrong. So wrong. God bless you and your family.