Saturday, February 23, 2013

Basilio Pizza Cafe!

Every Sunday is our schedule for the mentoring with Ptr. S.Guinanao. We usually do it at SE2-J inside his room, but last Sunday we had a change of location that was to be a place in Sari, opposite Burger King and when we got to the place, he was already there with some people who I thought would also be part of our mentoring, but it turned out they were friends of Dr. Alex Tan, the Filipino consultant of the cafe. By the way, Dr. Alex Tan was the doctor of our Kuya Ferdie, who had a stroke a few weeks ago. He's already in the Philippines now. Praise the Lord!

Anyway, 'Basilio' opened a just a month ago. The place is small, but cute and cozy. Pastor S.Guinanao treated us with a thin crust pizza and green tea (we're supposed to order coffee but I told Kuya that we already had coffee earlier that night). As expected, the pizza with shrimp toppings was a real gastronomic delight. Thank you Lord for the pizza!

After devouring our pizza and tea, we're supposed to transfer to another location, but then we decided to continue our mentoring at the SE2-J instead. Below are some of the photos from Basilio. 

Saturday, February 2, 2013

Welcome Back Kuya Ferdie?

It was a surprise to see our brother Ferdie yesterday at the SE2-J after the stroke he experienced more than a week ago that sent him to the hospital. Although he didn't attend the service, it was already a sign that he was well on his way to a fast recovery, thanks to the Lord Jesus Christ. He stayed at Kuya George's room and was ministered by Kuya Celso, Kuya Jonny and Ate Zeny. Although he still felt  depressed and a little weak physically, I have no doubt in my mind that the power of the Lord is working in him, he just need some time, more caring  and encouragements.

The photo above was taken from the hospital a day before when we had a chance to visit him there. I didn't get a photo of him yesterday because I was too busy talking to him. I was still in a state of disbelief seeing our kuya yesterday at SE2-J, but then again, nothing's impossible with God, everything is possible. Halleluiah!

It was just the other day, when Kuya Esoy and I was in the hospital (Jeddah National Hospital) to visit him. He was still in the ICU even though he has already recovered from his coma and his condition has greatly improved. I was expecting that he was in the recovery room and not in the ICU anymore.

I cried upon seeing Kuya Ferdie's situation in the hospital, it seemed like nobody was taking care of him there; the bed sheet was dirty and smelly, he was rolling over cables from the VS machine which was long disconnected, they didn't even wash his face and body to make him feel comfortable and he was obviously experiencing depression. He cried most of the time and said repeatedly that he wanted to go home. As to which 'home' he was talking about, he didn't give us an answer. He simply wanted to go home and leave the hospital. 

There was also that moment when I again broke into tears when he asked me to hug him and when I did he hugged me back and started crying again. We were like two crying cows in that room. He only let me go after a few minutes when the tip of my toe got tired. It was a very touching moment after which I prayed for him.  

Kuya Esoy was the one who inquired about his situation with the doctor and nurses, and what they said was not that all encouraging. One of which was the problem with the hospital, as to who takes responsibility  of taking him to another hospital (his company or the hospital  he was in) for further medical assistance. With a kind of situation that he was in, who would not be depressed? 

When I learned yesterday morning from Kuya Jonny, that Kuya Ferdie was coming to SE2-J, I was really glad. I even thought  it was a miracle, I mean, just a day before he was in the hospital with all sorts of issues and now he's coming to church?  It blew me away. Praise the Lord!