Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Ramadan Travel 2013 (July 9-18)

King Khaled International Airport in Riyadh.

Due to the very busy Ramadan season, I really don't have any spare time to write a proper post on my blog and so I'll just post some of the photos I've collected from our travel in Riyadh, Dammam and Al Ahsa 2 weeks ago. We (my co-worker and I), stayed in Riyadh for 5 days to merchandise our 5 shops there which are located in Hayat Mall, Marina Mall, Olaya Mall, Othaim Mall & Khurais Plaza. 

Riyadh Photos:

Riyadh Videos:

Our 5th day in Riyadh was also our 1st day in Dammam. It would only take us about an hour or even less from Riyadh to Dammam had our flight been on time. And finally after four excruciating hours of waiting (due to a couple of hours delay) we got inside the plane. Thank God for allowing their (saudia folks) habitual incompetence already assimilated into my psyche. Nothing's new under the sun, by the way.

When we arrived at Dammam airport it was almost 2 in the morning. We were frantically monitoring every second that passes and praying that we could get a good taxi driver who would not overcharge us and drive fast before that dreaded yet familiar shout reverberates the peninsula signalling the start of dawn-till-dusk rituals. Understandably, the frantics would have been unnecessary had we earlier reserved a room from our 'suki' hotel but did not. Still hopeful that our stomach did not react so as to plunge readily in bed as soon as we checked-in but had to run like Usain Bolt to the nearest kabsa or shawarma before that scary shout overwhelmed our knees. Thankfully for us, we nailed it haha! Thank you Jesus! The next day we had to report for work though it was a Friday.

Dammam Photos:

Dammam Videos:

Bags already packed, we did check out on our second day and headed to Dareen Mall. After we were done, we took a 4 hour SAPTCO bus ride to Al Ahsa/Hofuf - a small town yet a significant business center in the eastern part of Saudi Arabia. It is very near to Qatar. This place has been in the headlines around the world because of MERS - CoV (Corona Virus). Al Ahsa/Hofuf was our last and final destination before heading back to our old routine in Jeddah. We have 2 stores here, in Al Ahsa Mall and Othaim Mall.

Al Ahsa Photos:

Al Ahsa/Hofuf Videos:

Mission accomplished! The 10th day was the final day. It was time to leave for Jeddah. The airport of Al Ahsa was a little bit far from the city, and upon arriving, the gloom and quietness was so obvious. The sceneries to the airport were like out of a movie. Sand dunes dominate the view. So dry, so hot. There's so much sadness in it.  

Day 9 & Al Ahsa Airport Photos:

Al Ahsa Airport Video:

Thank You Lord Jesus for our safe return!

Photos were originally uploaded on my Instagram account. 
Videos originally uploaded on my Vine account, Pepe Cabrera.
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