Sunday, February 15, 2015

At Venchi Tahlia

For a photo junkie like me, the very mundane things of life sometimes can launch a story - I mean, even this ordinarily forgettable drive to some familiar place. We did not plan to take a peek much less take a tour of this newly-opened chocolate store when we dropped our friend Mark to his work. We could have chosen to leave after dropping Mark but it would always be another story if opportunity for pictorials beckons - I mean, that red carpet leading to the entrance and the freestanding backdrop where guests pose for camera. Next would be the spontaneous thing to do: pose like there's no tomorrow (while the lack of spectators tilts on our favor - and who ventures by the way under the sun at little past midday?). Sensing we have done enough to save ourselves from embarrassment, we proceeded inside and promptly given a tour by Mark albeit quietly (we could hear his boss talking upstairs), and thankfully one Filipino staff offered us chocolate ice cream while we're busying up clicking at almost every corner. Here are the evidences (obviously picked from a bevy of unphotogenic ones :)