Monday, August 25, 2008

Agua por favor!, Agua...!

It's been 4 days now here in this part of Jeddah (where i live) without water and our containers are almost empty (we usually stock water in big plastic containers to go around this problem). If you think that this is an isolated case, think again! Sometimes we don't have water for 2 days and sometimes even for 5 days in a week, but the longest days without water that i have ever experienced in my almost 10 years stay in this country was 7 days, a whole week, it was horrible and unthinkable. But I can understand why this thing happened, oh yes i do, simply because we live in the desert and that they still have to dasalinate sea water before even people can use it, but longer than five days without water is crazy! You might say, why i'm still here or why shouldn't i go home if i don't like something here. My answer is simply because they need me and people like me (Expat), as much as we need them. This is Jeddah one of the primier cities in Saudi Arabia with more than one million people living in it, we are not in Darfur. This is a Mega City having a problem with their water supply. And beside, it's not just Expat who are suffering from this problem but also the Saudi Arabian People, who happens to thinks that it is just "normal". There is always room for improvement.