Sunday, September 21, 2008

Al Mamorah Hotel Riyadh, Four Thumbs Down!

We arrived in Riyadh pm 3:00 and we went straight to the first shop that we will merchandise, in Hayat Mall. After finishing our work we then went to Batha to look for a cheap hotel and we decided to stay in Al Mamorah Hotel, we checked in around pm 9:30 (Sept. 18, 2008), a decision that we will regret later. Our first night in Al Mamorah Hotel was uncomfortable. The running water was like, salty, the air conditioner was not cool, there was only one pillow and a pile of other different issues that i would rather not mention anymore.

After work around pm 7 o'clock, almost a day after we checked in, we decided to transfer to other hotel near by. We packed up our things and went down to pay for our dues. When the front desk personnel gave us the bill it was for 2 days, we were perplexed. Why for 2 days? We just stayed there for only 22 hours and it was not even a whole day yet. They answered that it was in their policy that it doesn't matter what time of the day or night you checked in, but checking out should be done before pm 3 o'clock and beyond that time will be considered 1 day.

We were so furious, but there was nothing more we can do but to follow their stupid policy (pardon my word). We paid sr. 260 for a 22 hour stay for 2 people in a cheap, dirty, smelly, very uncomfortable hotel. It make sense! It's a Highway robbery.

Rating: no star in this rating, instead, a black hole to suck that tobacco road of a hotel!