Monday, April 6, 2009

Charice's Final Performance in Italy "Listen"

For more on her performances in Italy, click HERE!

To go to her official website, click HERE!


your sassy reporter said...

tnx for following my blogs.however, I am moving them to one site at
hope to see you there!Thanks!

Desert Aquaforce said...

Whatta performance! It makes every Filipino proud of Charice's achievements!

Desert Aquaforce said...

Hi! How's ur vacation?
Got an award for you. Please get it at the desert coast by the Red Sea. Cheers!

J. Villanueva Cabrera said...

Thank you very much. Still on my vacation. I'm here in Antipolo now. See you guys soon.

isladenebz said...

Uy, haba ng bakasyon a.

Please greet for me Mrs Villanueva a happy mother's day.

Pasalubong ko!!!! Just kidding.