Friday, June 5, 2009

Barking At The Wrong Tree? [The Hayden Kho Sex Scandal]

I think everybody is making a big mistake trying to pin down Dr.Hayden Kho in this sex scandal. Yes, he may not be innocent in this case, he was the one who took those sex videos without the consent of his partners, but he was not the one who uploaded them on the internet.

There are actually two issues here. First, him taking those videos without the consent of the women and second, the uploading of those videos on the net. To start with, there would have been no crime if nobody had seen them (the videos) or if nobody had uploaded them on the net. I believe he only took those videos for his own consumption and was not meant for anybody else to see.

This case is exactly the same as the sex scandal in Hongkong, where Ho Chun Sze, the man who was accused of stealing highly explicit photos from Edison Chen's laptop and spreading them on the net with profit in mind.

I think the investigation of this case (Hayden Kho sex scandal) should focus on the person who uploaded the video on the net and its master mind, the person who told Eric Chua to steal the sex videos. Dr. Vicky Belo should be present in this investigation, I believe she's an important person who can shed light to this scandal.

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