Monday, April 18, 2011

Jeddah Bloggers EB At The Fish Market

Last April 13, 2011, Mr. Nereus Jethro Abad, a friend, a fellow blogger and PEBA president who is currently working at the National Prawn Company (of Saudi Arabia), sent a message on FB to some of the Jeddah bloggers and said that he will be giving away some fishes to us. We agreed to meet in Balad and when we (Nelson and I) got there, everybody was already at the meeting place, Mr. NJ with his two staff, Noel with his son Ize, and Kenjie. From there we went straight to Jeddah Fish Market and hired some expert there to clean the one humongous fish that Mr. NJ brought with him. 

There were several kinds of fish that he brought. There were tilapia, parrot fish, and three amazingly huge milkfish. They were really huge. I've never seen a milkfish that big before. The fishes were equally divided between us right at the parking lot of the Fish Market. Here are some of the photos I took from the Jeddah Fish Market. Thanks again Mr. NJ!

The bloggers: Nereus Jethro Abad of 'Desert Aquaforce', Noel Ablon of 'Baul Ni Noel', Kenjie Solis of 'Thoughtskoto' and Nelson Bedayo of '¡Soy Negrense!'