Wednesday, June 22, 2011

My Vacation 2011: #1 Cavite

The first 2 weeks of this vacation was the worst of all my experiences here, but I don't want to dwell on that because I don't want to remind myself of the hell that I've been through with POEA. I just want to focus on some of the beautiful and positive things, like the time when I went to Noveleta and Cavite City, my trip to Cebu City (that was the highlight) and when I went to Pinto Art Museum in Antipolo City with my eldest daughter Maria.

My first trip to Cavite last May 29, 2011 was a nostalgic one because it reminds me of the good old days. Seeing my parents, some of the places and things there conjured up my childhood memories. I was so caught up by my nostalgia that I've forgotten to snap some photos of my folks in Noveleta and I guess it's too late for that now. The only photos of Noveleta that I have are some snap shots of the now flooded salt flats near the boundary of Cavite City which looks like a lake because of the rain. 

I took these photos while I was riding a local transportation we called the "Baby Bus" to Cavite City. It looks like an elaborately decorated coaster, just like it's cousin the Jeepney. It looks very similar to the "Colectivo", the popular Latin American (Argentina & Paraguay) public transportation.

The Baby Bus (not my photo)

Cavite City, known as the other Chavacano speaking city, Sangley Point (the old American military base) and made famous by Efren Peñaflorida, the CNN Hero of the year 2009. This is also the "other" place where I grew up. This is where I studied in Kindergarten at St. Joseph College (just behind the church of Nuestra Señora dela Soledad de Porta Vaga).

The city seems to have lost something that is irreplaceable, I don't know what it is, but it's not there anymore. Maybe it's my Nanay Tita (my Aunt), who died in 2008 in California. How I miss her so much. I actually went to where she used to live, but the gate was not there anymore. Not a trace. The cemetery in front of their house at the other side of the street of Blvd. Cresini is still there and I don't think it will go anywhere. I also passed by our old Methodist church in San Antonio where we used to go every Sunday.  

I've made several trips to Noveleta but only once in Cavite City. It's nice to see Cavite City again. Even though it has changed a lot, the memories are still there. Hasta la Vista!

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ram said...

naalala ko tuloy ang cavite...

NoBenta said...

five years din akong nag-work sa cavite. sa dasma. nakasakay na rin ako sa mini-bus. nice pics parekoy!

DonPepe1972 said...

Ram thanks for your comment. Miss mo din pala ang Cavite. :-)

NoBenta, Komusta na? Nag trabajo ka ka pala sa Damsmariñas at nakasakay ka na sa Baby Bus. Ingat!

Siock said...

Di ba jan yung famous na Tae Beach sa likod ng sementeryo kung saan nagtuturo sila Efren ang CNN Hero of the year? Nakapunta na rin ako jan sa mga calle na yan. Nice shots!