Tuesday, July 7, 2009

The Michael Jackson Memorial

The Michel Jackson Memorial

I just watched the more than 3 hour Michael Jackson Memorial, televised by CNN from Staple Center in L.A.. It was so moving specially when Usher sang his rendition of "Gone Too Soon" and when he went down the stage toward Michael Jackson's remain. It was so touching.

The other part of the Memorial that I thought was so moving, was when the Jackson family was on the stage on the last part of the memorial service and Paris Katherine, the daughter of Michael spoke briefly and said "I love him so much" then cried. It was so heartbreaking seeing the King's children like that. They obviously love their father.

The speech of Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee was so moving also. Her speech to me was so amazing specially when she get to the part about the Good Samaritan and that Michael Jackson was "a Good Samaritan" and a man "who cared and loved for the world".

I am a Michael Jackson fan. I became aware of Michael Jackson in the 80's when his "Thriller" came out  and I loved him ever since. Michael Jackson will live forever through his music and in our hearts. R.I.P.