Wednesday, August 12, 2009

The Future Of Brüno

Presenting the new addition to our family, BRÜNO! He is the offspring of Ms. Ken Lee, he was born on the 4th of July (2009) and he is officially my number 7 cat living in my apartment. Back in 2004 during my previous company, I already have a cat, her name is Chacapam, then she got pregnant and then came Lucio, Cariñoso and Ms. Ken Lee at the same time I'm also taking care of 2 other cats that I found outside, Fullah and Borat which are now living permanently inside the apartment. In total, I'm taking care 7 cats and I hope their number will not go up.

It's not easy having so many house cats around, the food is expensive, they don't just eat anything, and there are times their diet changes and they would want to eat other flavors. The cat litter is also expensive and you can't do without it. Another thing that makes it hard having pet cats around is when I'm traveling. There are times I'm not home for more than 5 days and it's a dilemma for me. whenever that time comes, I usually call my friends and instruct them on what to do with the cats. And oh yes, you have to clean their litter box, take them for a bath at least once every 2 weeks and play with them as often as possible.

My cats are not the kind that you'll see in pet shops, they are not that fancy. They are I think what Americans called "Alley cats", the type you'll often see in the streets and dumpsters which unfortunately are too much here in the streets of Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. Most of you would probably say, why are you taking care of those alley cats?, my answer is...I don't know, maybe because it's hard for me seeing them in the street when it's a 100 degrees out there and at the same time hungry and thirsty. Every time I see cats in the street, it's like I feel what they feel and then I ask myself, where are they going? What will they eat? Where will they sleep for the night? My heart bleeds for them. I only wish the goverment of Saudi Arabia will do something about this problem.

And about the future of Brüno and my other cats. The day will inevitably come that I'll have to let them go, when I go back home, back to the Philippines. There's a possibility that I could take a cat or 2 with me, but most of them are going back where they came from, the street. I hope I could stay longer for them. I love my cats.