Thursday, August 20, 2009

I'm Officially a Photo Thief !

Yes, I am now officially a photo thief ! I copied a photo from a website and forgot where I got the photo and yet proceeded in posting it in my blog site without the permission of the owner. And I didn't even know it until I opened one of my follower's blog. And now the owner is furious.

It is a photo of the facade of Universidad de Manila. But I'm telling you all, it's an honest mistake. I don't usually do that. Now I've learned to be extremely careful the next time I copy and paste.

Most of the posts in ¡Superextraordinarisimo! are not my words and so are the photos and I didn't even claim them as mine. Most of the sources came from Wikipedia, You tube and others. It's an aggregation of different topics about Hispanic Philippines.

To Arabesque, the owner of the blog, Mabuhay Manila, I am really sorry about the photo. I have already deleted the photo from ¡Superextraordinarisimo!. I even commented on your post and saying my apology there. I'm deeply sorry.