Thursday, October 15, 2009

It's Already Begun! [Blog Action Day 2009]

Living in the Philippines could be very stressful sometimes especially when you realized that you're living in an island, in the Pacific where most of the typhoons are born. I know most of you have heard what had happened in the Philippines and most especially in Manila just a few weeks ago, although I was not there, it scares me, thinking that my whole family was there and thank God they were not affected yet it scares me, who knows what will happen the next time that same kind of calamity strikes again. Never (and I can say it again, Never ) in my 37 years have I ever seen nor experience such kind of calamity before.

It seems that storms are becoming more and more stronger and powerful and they said it's connected to global warming or due to climate change and that the earth's weather pattern are changing bringing much stronger storms, while in the north and south poles, ice sheets are melting in record speed fearing that most coastal cities and those low lying islands around the world will be in danger of flooding.

Last week there was an article that I've read on CNN.Com about the president of Maldives setting a cabinet meeting on October 17 underwater to highlight their country's problem, the possibility that they will lose their country to the sea. The ministers are already learning the basics of scuba diving, president Nasheed is already a certified scuba diver, according to the article. Isn't it unfair?, they are paying the price for something they did not do.

I wish we could realize that we are all living in the same planet and that all is inter-connected, that all bad things we do to nature and our planet, we do to ourselves. Let's stop being greedy for just a moment, look into ourselves and ask, Is it all worth it? Where will my children be the next 10 or 20 years? Well, I hope they know how to scuba dive or even swim because the magnitude of what we are facing is no joke and it's already begun.