Saturday, August 21, 2010

Classmates At The Corniche

Yesterday, I and 6 of my classmates in TCI went to the Corniche just after our class around 5:00 PM. The sun was still up and it was terribly hot. 3 of them rode in my car and 2 others rode with Chris in his pick-up truck. We first went to a park where we took a lot of pictures with some of the locals there together with their ponies and their 4 wheeled motorcycles.

It was so hot and humid that afternoon and we can't even drink water out in the open, because it's Ramadan, we have to show respect to some of the Muslims there; they were fasting, and they can't either eat or drink until a specific time, so we have to discreetly drink water inside the car.

After the photo session at the mini park, we went to meet the Red Sea. We went to the different sections of the corniche and took photos of ourselves. One of our destinations was at the observation deck. While walking there, I thought that I was being one with the sun, It was almost 6:00 PM and it was hot and humid still, but like those sun worshipers, heat was not a deterrent to get those perfect photos, nope!. But seeing that sparkling, clear water of the Red Sea made me want to dive in it, but of course I can't, I think it's prohibited to swim or wade in the water on that part of the corniche, I don't know, we're in Saudi Arabia, isn't everything supposed to be prohibited here?

Anyways, we had fun and we obviously had our bonding moments there and not to mention those great photos and videos that will remind us of those memorable moments. What else could we ask for?