Sunday, August 8, 2010

By The Way, I'm Back In School

Mr.Jeremy Thomas Lim BSN, RN, Founder/ Executive Director/ Instructor

I forgot to write a post about myself being in school again. So, yes I'm back in school, it's an intensive Caregiving program which is a 6-month program that caters for OFW's who are high school graduates and for those who didn't finish college like myself, although there are students that are professionals like engineer, pharmacists, etc. The program is on its 4th batch now of which I am lucky to be part of. The training center is only open every Fridays because most of the students and instructors are working during weekdays.The class starts from 8AM to 5 PM but can extend up to 7PM (although we haven't experienced that yet, thank God), so it's kind of hard for some students especially for those who still have work the night before. This week will be the start of  Ramadan, so for some students that will be an added problem because of the time constraint, most businesses during this time are all busy.

I enjoy going to school every Friday, because it breaks the routine that I used to have, and it's fun. It excites me so much that I can't even sleep the night before, just like what happened 2 weeks ago, I was awake 24 hours, I felt like a zombie sitting inside that classroom, and I don't want that to ever happen again, so I sleep very early every Thursday night, around 9 PM. Another thing that I really enjoy is that I get to exercise my brain again with those hard to remember, tongue twister medical words like gluteus maximus, vestibulocochlear, sternocleidomastoid etc.  And by the way, it sure is nice to try my hand in writing long lectures and assignments again just like when I was in high school.

Total Care International is now open for the 5th batch of students, so if you are from Jeddah and interested in the program, you can go to Total Care International website that you will see below, and there you will see phone numbers to contact and you can also fill up a form for you to reserve a slot.

The training center was located inside IPSJ (International Philippine School of Jeddah) on Gornatha street but just last Friday we transfered to a different location near Hail street. The name of the training center is Total Care International, and was founded by a  Filipino couple in 2008.

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