Thursday, December 22, 2011

Alice's Rabbit?

Today while I was walking toward home with a friend coming from a nearby department store, I can't believe my eyes with what  I saw - a stray white baby rabbit running along the side of the street, right in front of my apartment building. It was so elusive and was obviously afraid of me. It tried to run away from me and eventually it found a small hole that leads inside the perimeter of our building where I cornered it by the wall. It's now inside my apartment in a small box eating slices of apples and carrot. 

This was so Alice in Wonderland. Of the legions of cats in the streets of Jeddah, I ended up chasing down a rabbit. Wow, this could really be Alice's rabbit! By the way, I decided to name it, 'Ginger' The Conejo (though I'm not sure yet as to its gender), which sounds  rather familiar to Kapamilyas.

My dilemma is I already have 8 cats at home so I run the risk of finding it one day from work in a gruesome state. Not to mention those 8 eating machines find almost everything else edible. So I decided to give Ginger away, where I'm sure she can be properly taken cared of. She will not be staying with me for more than 12 hours so I've prepared a video of hers and hopefully I will be keeping track of her progress.

UPDATE:  Dec. 23, 2011, 7 PM.

I decided to keep Ginger. Just bought her (well, assuming that it's a girl) a small cheap rabbit cage (to protect her from the cats), and wood shavings for her litter at a near by pet shop and I even put a mirror inside her cage so that she'll think that  there's another rabbit with her inside the cage and I think it's working. I just don't have the heart to give her away after watching the video above. I can't help thinking about her. I would be very worried about her well-being if ever I would give her to other people. I don't want her to be treated like a toy.