Saturday, February 23, 2013

Basilio Pizza Cafe!

Every Sunday is our schedule for the mentoring with Ptr. S.Guinanao. We usually do it at SE2-J inside his room, but last Sunday we had a change of location that was to be a place in Sari, opposite Burger King and when we got to the place, he was already there with some people who I thought would also be part of our mentoring, but it turned out they were friends of Dr. Alex Tan, the Filipino consultant of the cafe. By the way, Dr. Alex Tan was the doctor of our Kuya Ferdie, who had a stroke a few weeks ago. He's already in the Philippines now. Praise the Lord!

Anyway, 'Basilio' opened a just a month ago. The place is small, but cute and cozy. Pastor S.Guinanao treated us with a thin crust pizza and green tea (we're supposed to order coffee but I told Kuya that we already had coffee earlier that night). As expected, the pizza with shrimp toppings was a real gastronomic delight. Thank you Lord for the pizza!

After devouring our pizza and tea, we're supposed to transfer to another location, but then we decided to continue our mentoring at the SE2-J instead. Below are some of the photos from Basilio.