Wednesday, February 10, 2016

At The Philippine Consulate Today

I went to the Philippine consulate here in Jeddah early this morning for the renewal of my passport and also to get my voter's ID which I should have gotten back in 2009. I've finished what I came there to do in just approximately 30 minutes. Quick tips for those who will renew their passports prepare everything ahead of time, download your required form from the (Jeddah) consulate's web page, read it carefully and fill it with the required information correctly so that you won't have to do it on the queue. Be there before 8 AM.

For those of you (here in Jeddah) who applied for a voter's ID from 2009 until 2012 and still have not claimed it, you can check it on the 3rd floor of the consulate. Just provide a valid ID and they will look for your voter's ID for you.

A video posted by Pépe Cabréra (@cameranicabrera) on

A video posted by Pépe Cabréra (@cameranicabrera) on

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