Thursday, October 2, 2008

Food Trip: Shoro Fastfood Restaurant

It was the second day of Eid and yes IKEA was open and we did went to Kalediah but I don't want to dwell on that story, this time i want to share to you one of my favorite fast food here in Jeddah. SHORO. After we went to IKEA and Kalediah we decided to try eating at Shoro. They have many branches here in Jeddah but because we are near Tahliah, we have decided to go to their branch behind First Plaza in Tahlia.

Their specialty is a shawarma like sandwich but it's not rolled like the usual shawarma that we see in some restaurants here, instead it looks more like a Mexican Tacos. They have chicken and beef, both are delicious but we ordered chicken plus Pomegranate Juice, Delicious!

Rating: from 1 to 5, i give this restaurant a 4, they should have tables and chairs for customers to sit while eating. Actually they used to have chairs and tables there, but they said the baladia* prohibited them because the restaurant is near the creek.

Note: rating is for this specific branch in Tahlia only!; *Baladia is a group of people who are working with the government that deals with the businesses and workers in Saudi Arabia.

See UPDATE, click HERE.