Friday, October 17, 2008

Food Trip: Update on SHORO

Just this evening we went again to Shoro, our favorite Shwarma fast food in Tahlia, ordering the same food like we use to with three other friends, but this time it was kind of disappointing. There was nothing wrong with the food or with the beverages, they were just fine. There was this (pardon my words) stupid, rude, bigot Arab guy who was working there ( he is the guy who is preparing the shwarma), I think he's a Tunisian or Moroccan. My friend was waiting to get his order that was already paid and he was getting anxious for waiting to long, so he ask if he could get his order in a kind and proper manner because the guy was still arguing with another customer for long time, but the Arab guy replied "scoot", in English it means "shut up" and that's where it got nasty. It's a shame, i really love Shoro, but you don't say bad words or even argue with your customers, instead they should be courteous and attentive. Customers are the life of any business and they should take care of them. The management of this restaurant should take a second look at their workers and should train them properly, or better yet, they should not hire people who don't even went to school. Do not hire Barbarians!

Rating: From 1 to 5 which 5 is the highest score, I give this particular Shoro branch a 1, because of their bad customer service.