Tuesday, February 17, 2009

My Vacation: I'm Excited like a Dog?

I am very excited when I think of my vacation in April, after more than 2 years in Saudi Arabia. My mind is bombarded with questions and thoughts about it. What will I do first when I get home?, Is it still safe there in Cavite?, Will it be humid when I get there?, How much a plane ticket from Manila to Baguio would cost me?, or Is my 40 day vacation enough for me? etc.... This is not helping my insomnia and we're still in February.

I have been working here in Saudi Arabia for many years now and I can say that this country has made me feel "like a dog out of his cage for the very first time" every time I go on a vacation, maybe it's because of this country's culture or should I say it's "strictness", is that the right term? anyway, I'm not saying it's bad, but I don't think it's good either, probably it depends on the person you are asking, whatever it is, I'm not in a position to make criticisms.

About my vacation, I know what I will do first!, I'll ask them to buy me a bottle or two of icy cold San Miguel beer and a couple of Balut or maybe Aling Remy's delicious Crispy Pata in Noveleta, now that would be nice! And then on the next day, I'll take my children to Josephine's Restaurant in Kawit, a sort of post graduation celebration for Sofia (she will graduate this March in highschool) and besides, I "need" to go there to taste my favorite Mutya ng Cavite soup, it's indescribably delicious.

Anyway, I'll just have to remember to take a lot of pictures or videos of the places where I will be going to, to show all my friends here and you, the readers of this blog. For now, I will just have to wait and prepare (the pasalubongs) for that day.


Harden said...

very xciting huh...lol.. me too.. my vacation is on may 16... I have my roundtrip ticket already.... May your vacation filled with happiness with your family... bon voyage

J. Villanueva Cabrera said...

Thanks for cheking out my blog. Isip ka na ng pasalubong sa love ones mo.

Nebz said...

Magpapadala ako...hehe!

Excited k n nga, JVC. I can feel it. It's more than one month pa and you're already detailing your plans. Hay naku, habang lumalapit ang araw ng iyong bakasyon (pansinin mo itong mabuti), parang que bagal ang andar ng orasan, tama b?

Bakit k mag-airplane to Baguio? Ride the bus and make Pangasinan ur pitstop (Manaoag for example) and then to Baguio. Sabagay masarap nga sigurong makita ang Baguio from topview. Hmmm...you gave me an idea.

Intrigued ako dun sa Mutya ng Cavite Soup. Seafood soup b un?

J. Villanueva Cabrera said...

oo sobra excited na ako talaga. hindi na ako makatulog. lalong tumitindi ang insomnia ko.

Kasama gusto ko kasi mga anak ko sa Baguio. Easy kasi para sa akin to go there by air, pero plans pa lang yun, isip ko kasi about yung economic crisis ngayon, 'di yata dapat gumastos ng pera masiado, 'di ba?.

Oo, try mo yung Mutya ng Cavite , limot mo name mo sa sarap.Oo, seafood yun.

Desert Aquaforce said...

Kita na nga na super excited ka na sa bakasyon mo. Sana naihabol mong maka-attend ng graduation ni Sofia.
Mabuti ka pa, handa ka na sa bakasyon mo.

Ako? sa mahigit 12 na beses na umuuwi sa Pinas, wala ni isang bakasyon ang napaghandaan ko. Parati na lang night before nag pa-panic buying or sa araw ng alis. At sa panic buying laging excess baggage... buti na lang may additional baggage allowances na binibigay ang frequent flyer program.

Anyways, all the best sa iyong bakasyon lalo na sa bonding sa iyong mga anak. Enjoy sa pagiging turista sa sariling bayan.

Desert Aquaforce said...

I'm very sorry to disturb your tranquility but I can't help it cuz ur the only ones I can run to in times like this (parang Juicy Fruit gum ano?)

NJ(Desert Aquaforce)Tagged You!

J. Villanueva Cabrera said...

salamat sa comment mo. Puede akong umuwi in time for Sofia's graduation, pero maraming trabajo ngayon dito eh. wala namang problema kung wala ako doon sa graduation.
Thanks ulit!

Pukaykay said...

I was googling Aling remy's crispy pata and i landed your page.

Its a small world! Kuya jay, its me jamie (alan dexter's sister!) yeah, i heard youre in town, hope you have a wonderful vacation. Ive browsed your blog..geez, magcollege na si Sofia,2 years old palang anak ni kuya!

See you around.