Wednesday, February 4, 2009

20 Random Things About Me

I'm a little bit hesitant to write and publish this post because some people who'll read this might say "who cares!". Not a lot of exciting things happening here and I can't think of something to post on this blog. Anyway, it's better than nothing. Here are the 20 random things about me:
  1. I love it when it's cloudy and windy.
  2. I like intelligent, friendly, humble and open minded people.
  3. I love the feeling of being lonely, (sometimes).
  4. I love Sade.
  5. I love the album of Lauryn Hill, "The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill".
  6. I love Vincent Van Gogh's paintings, especially the " Starry Night".
  7. I love the nightlife!
  8. I love Beer, especially Cerveza San Miguel.
  9. I hate bright lights.
  10. I believe that Filipinos and it's culture is Hispanic.
  11. I want to travel to Latin America and Europe especially in Venice, someday.
  12. I want to know my real mother.
  13. I hate corruptions.
  14. I love nature.
  15. I love listening to Neo Soul.
  16. I've watched "Gone With the Wind" more than 50 times.
  17. I love Dark Chocolates.
  18. I almost died because someone stabbed me on the face, 3 days before my birthday in 2006.
  19. I'm still waiting for the greatest adventure of my life.
  20. I hate goodbyes and bright lights.