Tuesday, January 5, 2010

A Gift For Myself!

My mind is so empty today, I do not know what to write on my blog. I was just thinking about Christmas and New year, and how it ended so quickly, I mean (snap!), just like that? And I didn't even receive a gift. Hopefully next year.

Last Sunday was Three Kings' Day, and I thought of giving myself a gift. Since I do not have "sounds" here, maybe I'll go to the mall a little bit later and get myself one. Nothing expensive, just a portable radio/CD player or a mini component where I could easily carry around the apartment, and which I could attach my iPod.

I regularly exercise here in the apartment, and we all know how great it is to exercise if there's music. So It'll be great if there's a mini component or something like that.

I'll give you the update later about what I bought, where I bought it and how much the price of it. My budget is 150 - 350 Saudi Rials, I hope I could get something within that price range. See you!


We ended up in Jeddah International Market or popularly known as Sarawat, which is the name of the supermarket inside the mall. There's a lot of electronic shops inside like Sony, Philips, Samsung etc...

I didn't exactly find what I was looking for, most of the portable radio/CD players that I've seen, do not have that "jack thing" for it to connect with my iPod, but I've seen some amazing and huge high tech stuff, but the sad part is that, they also have high tech prices.

I've almost given up until we went inside JVC shop. In there I saw this Compact Component System, for use especially with iPod and iPhone, it has radio tuner and it's portable enough to carry anywhere around and it sounds amazing. It was not exactly what I'm looking for, but I think this is better. It's a little bit over my budget, it's SR.550.00 or around $150.00, but who cares, it's for me. It's not as if I'm buying electronic gadgets every single day. It was fine with me, I bought it. Now I've got a gift, and a blog post. Thank you Pepe!