Monday, January 18, 2010

Today Is My 2nd 'No Smoking' Anniversary!

I can't believe it, after all those years of smoking, look where I am now. Today (January 18, 2009), is my 2nd year of being smoke-free! Do you think I can now call myself the winner in this battle? I think the answer is both Yes and No. Yes, because, quitting smoking is very hard to do, not a lot of people can even get to their 1st or 2nd week at least without lighting a cigarette. No, because it's still a continuing battle, although unlike before, the cravings is kinda milder now. I still do have cravings sometimes.

Right now my problem is second hand smoking. It's inevitable sometimes to come across smokers in the street or in a room full of people, and get to inhale their smoke. My lungs immediately recognize and react to it, so whenever that happens, I feel a little pain, like a vein twitching there inside my chest. I really don't like the smell of cigarette anymore, sometimes I feel like suffocated when I inhaled the smoke.

My goal right now is to be healthy, I mean totally healthy. I want to grow old like 70 or even older without getting sick, and when I say sick, I mean like having a disease that's hard to cure. No, I don't like that. Nobody does!

I hope all of you who are still in the habit, would really do your best to quit, and have a much healthier lifestyle. I said to myself before, that smoking is just a psychological thing, maybe it's true. Just try things that you think would work for you to stop smoking. As it says there in the picture, "There is no right way to quit smoking. Do whatever works for you".