Friday, March 12, 2010

I Like Noynoy, But I don't Like Kris!

This coming Philippine presidential election 2010, I will vote for Benigno "Noynoy" Aquino lll. I will vote for him because I honestly believe that he is the best of all of the presidential candidates, and  I also believe that he has the capability, and the will to eradicate corruption in the government. He is the kind of person who will do the right thing, because he is honest and God fearing. I will still vote for Noynoy even if  Kris Aquino vomits green goo and talks dirty while her head spins around in circles, (like Linda Blair on "The Exorcist"), live on the The Buzz.

I do not hate Kris, I actually understand her why she acts the way she does. She is living the life of a princess ever since she was born for God's sake! She's the youngest of all her siblings, that already explains everything, aside from the fact that her family is one of the richest and one of the most powerful political clans in the country, she one of the highest paid actresses in Philippine showbiz. Her father, a former Senator and a hero, her mother the former president of Philippines and now being considered for sainthood.

Most people believe that she is the reason why the popularity of Noynoy is sliding in the recent polls. She and most of the people around her repeatedly said that showbiz and politics are two different things, and that she is not the one dragging Noynoy's popularity down, but to me personally, she is the culprit.

Last Sunday's episode of the "The Buzz" was another display of Kris' bad and insensitive attitude, this time towards Ruffa Guittierez. I don't know if she's aware that she's hurting other people's feelings, she's so insensitive sometimes. Poor Ruffa, with all her beauty and intelligence, she doesn't deserve to be treated like a door mat. After the incident, Ruffa's mom talked to the press and urged people not to vote for Noynoy, (another point for Krissy!). Incidents like this would make some people think twice in voting for Noynoy, you can't blame them, because they are thinking that if Kris' attitude is like this, then what more if her brother wins the presidential election?

For the sake of her brother's campaign and for the people who truly believe in Noynoy, she should learn to shut her mouth sometimes and not jeopardize Noynoy's bid for the presidency. She should listen to people sometimes, even if those people are saying something bad to her. To her families and friends, tell her the truth even if it will hurt her. What's the use of Boy's imaginary mirror if he's not going to use it? He shouldn't just nod his head and say, Yes Krissy!

My reasons why I don't like Kris Aquino. (Based on my observation on TV).

  • She lacks humility.

  • She intimidates people.

  • She makes other people feel small.

  • She's conceited.

  • She's narcissist and self-centered.

  • She's insincere.

  • She's insensitive.
Maybe she's different in person, or maybe I could have been wrong about her, but this is how most of the people perceive her, judging from what they see on the television. Even the way she talks annoys me, she talks like a teenage girl from the movie "Mean Girls". And she's so totally opposite Oprah, contrary to what she thought of herself. She lacks sincerity, she's nowhere close to the great "O".

I love Noynoy, and I want him to win this election. I wish she would not do another crazy thing that would harm her brother's campaign. She's an intelligent and successful woman already, she doesn't need to do acrobatics to be noticed. She already has it.