Tuesday, November 4, 2008

A Thunder Storm in the Desert

When it rain it pours, especially here in Jeddah , Saudi Arabia. Just the other night, when i was cleaning my car, I noticed that it was getting windy and from a distance i saw lightning accompanied by thunder. I didn't finish cleaning the car after seeing that incredible lightning, I was scared. It was a lighting that you only see on Television or Magazine, and I don't want to be headlined on the news paper the next day as "The man who was struck by lightning while cleaning his car", so I went inside. Then the rain start pouring down, I was exited at the same time though.

Unlike in the Philippines, it's not usual to see Thunder Storm here or any other storm except Sand storm. I really couldn't help it, I miss the rain so much, so I grab my camera and took a few minutes of video, but I was having a problem uploading it.

And when I saw the street the next morning, it was flooded, they don't usually have drainage system here , so flooding always occur whenever it was raining. And about my car, I have to do the cleaning all over again.