Tuesday, November 25, 2008

The Road Trip to Yanbu

Today we went to Yanbu, here in Saudi Arabia, almost 350 km. north of Jeddah. We used our car and I thought we'll never get there and back again. Another one that I would like to thank God for. Last night we've rented a much bigger car, but we ended up using my small car because we've made a mistake renting an old car, and we can not return it back 'cause we already signed the papers and already gave the initial payment. Isn't that the dumbest thing to do? The reason why we wanted to rent a car in the first place was because I don't feel safe using a very small car to travel such a far destination, but we ended up driving it because the car that we rented was very old and i don't feel safe driving it either. At least my small car is new. Another thing was the meter, it runs so fast and we were scared that we might double our payment once we return the car back, we don't want to pay for the mileage we did not actually use, so this morning we decided not to use it and use our own car instead. stupid me!

Well any ways, we are here back in Jeddah and thank God we are safe and i think we made a very good decision not to use the rented car, at least we only paid sr.80. I forgot to tell yo!, we went to Yanbu because of work, we have a shop there. We finished our work there within almost 4hrs., that's around 2:30PM . I have never experienced long distance driving before, it was so tiring, i even felt sleepy at times but i said to myself "No Pepe, don't close your eyes or else you'll never open them ever again!". Here are some of the pictures from our road trip to Yanbu.

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