Tuesday, December 9, 2008

I Support the [Philippine] Reproductive Health Bill

The population of the Philippines is getting bigger every year. As of this year 2008, our population is estimated at more than 92 million, according to the CIA World Fact book. And with this, the Catholic Church is more of a problem than part of the solution. The Church is against contraceptives and other artificial birth control methods. It doesn't make sense.

Let the Church Hierarchy be aware that we don't agree with their stand on the birth control issue. Contraception is not abortion. Prevent the true abortion from happening. Show your support, help pass the Reproductive Health Bill into law, sign the petition HERE or go to, I Support the Reproductive Health Bill in Facebook, administered by Mr.Carlos Celdran.


sasinsaudi.com said...

Good call Villanueva. Was going to sign it but since it is only for Filipino citizens i couldnt. Let's hope there will be a change. It was some disturbing reading.

J. Villanueva Cabrera said...

Thank you very much . I hope all Filipinos have the same mentality as you. Yes, let's hope there will be change.

Mark T. Market said...

We have a discussion on this:

Freedom of Religious Legislation

Freedom of religion doesn't mean any religion can have an advantage to lobby its side in the debate. Unfortunately with the majority of Pinoys as Catholic, this is not the case.

J. Villanueva Cabrera said...

Mark, Thanks for letting me know about Marie Claire's Campaign on Reproductive Health Bill.