Thursday, December 11, 2008

Juana Change: "Cha - Cha" (in Filipino)


This is a comedic satire, about Charter Change or in the Philippines , it's what we call, Cha-Cha. A lot of Filipinos believe that the current President of the Philippines Gloria Macapagal Arroyo and her allies are pushing very hard to change the constitution for them to be able to extend her term in office. This satire also tells about the common Filipinos' reactions or in this case "no actions". There are two main characters here, the first one is the lady with her dancing partner who just love to dance Cha - Cha, she symbolizes some of the Filipinos who stand for what is right and just and the woman in blue hair is the politician with her bodyguard, She is using Cha - Cha (the dance) to show their step by step plan to fool the people into changing the constitution (sound so familiar!).

What really gets me is when the woman in blue hair (The Politician) said (I translate in English), "Hey! the revolutions are over, all your protests have ended. The people now are all idiots! All the smart ones already went abroad. Only those that are left here are those people who do nothing but to join "Wowowee", play the Lotto or are waiting remittances from abroad." That's so powerful! And as if she said every word of it with a certain degree of anger and emotions that would make you think twice. It feels like a big slap on your face, especially when she said "TANGA" (IDIOT), Wow! I really felt that. But then again, I'm abroad, so I guess I'm one of the smart people. Funny huh!.

I've watched from a TV program called "Probe" (in TFC, The Filipino Channel) about this satire in You Tube. There's another one of this Juana Change series in You Tube Called, "The Fixer" , it's equally entertaining and such an eye opener too. The story goes like this, a man went to a government agency to get a license and the woman who works there said, for him to be able to get it immediately, he needs to pay extra amount so that she could process the papers "lightning fast" otherwise, it would take a long long time. It revolves around the theme of "corruption".

I myself am fed up with what is happening in my country. I was born in 1972 and referred to as "Martial Law Baby", because it was when the dictator, former president Ferdinand Edralin Marcos proclaimed Martial Law in the Philippines. Ever since i was a small boy I already knew that my country is corrupt, from the highest office of the government, down to the Barangay level. There was a time that I thought of leaving my country and never to return (Yah right!, as if I can do that) and in a way, that's what I've done. I've been here in Saudi Arabia (on and off) for almost 9 years now, working very hard to save money for my future and my family's future.

You know what, if only I could just turn back time, I would rather choose the Philippines to be a part of the Spanish Empire (Las Indias Orientales Espanolas), or be an American Territory, maybe in that way we Filipinos could all feel the prosperity, security and happiness that our rich neighbors feel. In a way, our government is the one that's slowly killing us, stripping away every layer that keeps us human. They (the people in government) are the only ones who are getting rich, while we are the ones who are suffering because of their insatiable greed. We want to have "Change" too. Wake up Filipinos!, That's the morale of this story.


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