Monday, December 15, 2008

President George W. Bush's Funny Moments

This President is a born comedian. He always makes me laugh. Remember this one in China? I called this "George Bush, the (can't) escape artist" (My All Time Favorite).

And now this, last December 14 incident in Iraq. The President of the United States of America was forced to duck because an Iraqi journalist threw a shoe at him, twice! We must create a new sport or a game out of this and we shall call it, " The Shoe Dodging President". This is so hilarious! I hope there's more from him. There's still time you know.

Here is David Letterman's Top Ten George W. Bush Funny Moments.

The Top 10 Embarrassing Bush Video Moments.

A new game inspired by the shoe throwing incident in Iraq,

"Shock and Awe".